Loughcrew Opera Festival 

No Opera Festival scheduled in 2013

Billed as “the perfect evening of love, lust and intrigue”, the Loughcrew Garden Opera is a unique event in County Meath.  Set in a fully decorated marquee, located in the beautiful Loughcrew Gardens, this festival offers a truly unforgettable experience close to the Neolithic monument of the Loughcrew Cairns.  Magic and mythology encircle this location, and the festival offers a unique opportunity to experience a little classical music and opera during this summer’s festival season.  As well as a highly acclaimed cast, this opera also features live wind and piano accompaniments to the theatrical performances on stage.  A truly romantic evening can be complimented by champagne, a romantic picnic or a full á la carte menu which guests can enjoy before the music begins.

For further information about this year’s festival contact info@loughcrew.com or visit our website www.loughcrew.com

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